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Flying O Ranch

Tulare, California

Where the roping is good and sometimes, it gets kinda wild on the sidelines.


Photo by E. Annette Rose ©ear 2001

It was a happy birthday for one of the regulars. This was as close to a stripper as they could come?
Tuesday, 03-Feb-2004 00:46:01 EST

Saturday Ropings

Currently, Flying O is roping on Saturday. Sign up at 12p.m., rope at 12:30 p.m.

ACTRA Members only pots are held at both the begining and at the end of the day.

2 for $7 pots

ACTRA numbers are used at this arena.

To qualify for the monthly, Saturday, buckle ropings, you only need rope twice in a month. The day of the Buckle roping counts towards 'last months' qualifing.....

Saturday ropings are $7 two steer averages, #3, #4 draw pots, #51/2, #8, and #10 pick a partner, with the ACTRA members only draw pot at the start and end of the ropings.

Trailer Series on Saturdays

Open Draw, 2 for $7...ACTRA MEMBERS ONLY

Enter up to three times, $2 to pot, $3 cattle charge, $2 towards trailer. Must attend 25 members only trailer ropings to qualify to rope for the trailer.

Take the 99 Highway to the Tulare - Lindsay Highway, head east about three miles, on the south side of the road, take the driveway to park in the rear.


For more information:

Jim and Sharon Oliveira

559 686-2140

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