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E. Annette Rose Photo & Sales

 Well, how many do you think we need to order?

(The Luther family of Bakersfield, CA.)


Photo Links

Riverdale CA., Feb. 2003....a nice barrel shot

I didn't take this one, but it is ME.

Aubry's Team Roping Wreck, JCCA, Laton, CA. 2002

District 6, CHSRA, 2001-2002 Queen

Team Roping, District 6, CHSRA, Riverdale, CA 2001

Earl Hall's Kids, District 6, CHSRA, Riverdale, CA, 2001-2001

A nice Pole Bending shot, Riverdale, CA

2001 Rookie, Laramie Rose, Calf Roping

A Rodeo Clown In Training, 2000

Jim Oliviera, Flying "O" Arena, 2001

Philip Killgore, Paso Robles, 2001

Casey Terry, "Let'r Rip!".....

Adam Terry, JCCA calf roper (that's MY horse!)

 All photos appearing here are copyrighted by E. Annette Rose, 2001, 2002

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