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2 Months and 1 day



There will come a day when baby Wyatt may not appreciate our humor?

Photos taken 11 May, 2006

by GrandmaNette, of course.


For the record, my brother (the middle child of three) is known and has been known for years as 'Tootie Hudson.'

So, while Wyatt shares his father's ability to burp and pass gas, 'Tootie' is a possible nick name? See what I mean about our sense of humor?


Any way, this is a record of his 2 month and 1 day adventure.


Visiting great great Aunt Mary and Uncle Lloyd Bell in Fresno, CA. May 11, 2006

My beloved 'Fat Man' Uncle Lloyd Bell and Wyatt.


Aunt Mary is my mother's sister.

Great great Aunt Mary and Great great Uncle Lloyd.


Then, the brag comes into play: But what grandma wouldn't do this?

You saw my horse, but have you seen my cow?


Can you believe my grandma gave this?


Can you believe the Ol Gal actually won the roping???

Buckle won on May 7, 2006. I give this buckle to my grandson because it is the year of his birth.



Am I blessed, or what?


Photo by E. Annette Rose (c) 2006

Tell you family and friends how much they mean to you, you never know what tomorrow brings.


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