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Life doesn't get much better with Wyatt around!


This another 5 month shot. 2006 - Poor kid, he doesn't have a chance to NOT like the cowboy life?


Christmas 2006

Every boy needs a fire truck, right? Nanny Danny thought so.


His Nanny Danny also thought Wyatt should have a little saddle until he gets big enough to ride the one given to him

in September of 2006?


With a grin and belly laugh, he says he really does like this new saddle and his horse, Frankie

January 2007 a full ten months old.


His first practice day, Nanny Danny leading and Moma Lizzy making sure he stays in the saddle.


After one spin around the barrels, he picked up speed, and lost his hat!


Well, folks, for now, that's all you get.

Will let you see what happens after he does his first competition at the end of January 2007.