Noxubee County, Mississippi

The following is taken from Probate Records Book A, microfilmed by the LDS church in 1972. While searching for papers on my families in the county, I made photo copies of all the pages which contained names I recognized as being "related" to those I was searching for. In that process, I accumulated some information on others who were in the county, and most likely had some tie to my family.

Below are abstracts from those records. Having been made aware that thru ommission I was guilty of the one thing I did not wish to do, insult the African-American, I went back and pulled names of slaves and hope that by posting this information I may help others in locating their forefathers also. God Bless, and Happy Hunting.

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Probate Records Book A

Inventory of Grabel (sic) Lincecum, 23 May 1837

John, 50, negroe man
George, 45
Dennis, yellow negro
B__ks, 19
Levi, 17
Bob, 17
Pait, 13
Adam, 13
Gadsby, 13
Richard, 7
Judy, negroe woman, 35, and child, 6 mo.
Mary, mulato, 35, and child
Mariah, 23 and girl, 6
Matilda, 25
Martha, 15
Hannah, yellow girl, 15
Eliza, 10
Jane, yellow girl, 6


8th April 1837....Frederick Hudson guardianship report
of Lucy S. Ragan........

Cupit, man, 65
Another man (sic), 25 (?Jordan?)
Negro woman, abt. 33
Another woman (sic), 42
One girl, 8 or 9
One girl, abt. 5

For year 1837, Frederick Hudson report:

Hire Cupet, Jordan, & Lucy, to B. Holmes.
Hire Julian to S. Lovelady
Talitha, a sickley woman & girl to H.F. Greer for board & clothing

for year 1838:

Hire Cupet, Mark J. Allen
Jordan, Thos. Haynes
Lucy, A.D. Greer
Julian, H.H. Greer
Tabitha, a sicley woman for board & clothing
(young girl not addressed)


Hire of negroes, estate of Joseph Thompson for year 1840

Charles to Benjamin Ratssliff
Henry to      "           "
Samuel loops (sic) to B. Holms
Minervy and Eliza to Nancy Thompson


Inventory of estate of Frederick Hudson, rec'd 4 April 1842:

Will and Dapney, 70 years of age


Return on income, estate of Joseph Thompson for year 1840

Mrs. Thompson hired _______and Liza
Mr. William Bird hired Charles
Mr. James G. Gullilove hired Henry and Daniel


April 1842
Two negroes made over to Henry A. Hudson by William G. Hudson, deceased.
Aiska (?), girl, and George, a boy.  Given up to John Hudson, guardian of said Henry A.


Jan 1842
Court divided negroes of estate of Frederick Hudson:

John Hudson rec'd Anthon, Clarissa, Lewis, Tarolitha, Will, Daphney
Minors of William G. Hudson rec'd, Nancy, Nathaniel, Nelly, Samuel
William Bird, in right of wife, Mary Bird rec'd, George and Richmond


Twenty slaves listed in assets of C. Ferguson, deceased, 1842

Philip, Wilie, Henry, Charity, Philis
George, Hannah, Simon, Carolina, Eliza
Milly, M_____, Patrick, Simeon, Henry
Peggy, Peter, Joseph Harriet, M______


Return of estate of William G.(Greer) Hudson, on property that fell to 
said estate from estate of Frederick Hudson for year 1842

Hire Nancy and Nathaniel to J. Brooks
Hire of Sam, board and clothes
Hire of Nelly to James G. Fullilove


From Book B:

Inventory estate of Edward Anderson, 1847

Man, Caplin, about 30
Woman, Ester and child Sarrah, 40
Woman, Herriett, 19
Boy, Bill, 17


John Bledsoe died, his wife, Mrs. Fanny Bledsoe had an inventory taken, 
it was recorded 20th Feb 1845:

Gill, a negro boy, 19
Nancy, a woman, 40
Oliver, a boy, 10

On July 1, 1844...Leagatees of Charles Furguson, deceased, received from administrators Thomas Haynes and Samuel s. Kelly, the following negroes:

Phillis, Patrick and Hanna to James C. Gary
Milly, Simeon and Harry to Elizabeth Penry
Peggy, Josephus and Harriet to Delila Kelly
Mariah, Caroline and Eliza to Martha C. Haynes and Charlotte Chandler
George, Simon and Peter, to Nancy Morris
Philip to Martha Ferguson (sic)
Wilie to Mary Haynes
Minny to Synthia Furgeson (sic)


May 1845, Return of H.O. Beasley, guardian of Henry A., Frederick T. and 
Lucy W. Hudson:

(Personal knowledge: Henry A. Hudson was in Noxubee Co., the other two 
were in Georgia)

1845....Sale of negroe girl Nancy to L.C. Calloway.
Hire of boy, Nat to J. Brook
Hire of Nelly and Sam to Leroy Massingale

Then....May of 1846, ages given for Nat, 17; Sam, 12, assigned to H.A. 
Hudson; Nelly, 14


In report of 1848, John H. Greer, guardian of Mary Eliza Lilly, now M.E. Fountain, five negroes:  

Hardy, hired to Mr. Belzy Grant, 1846
John H. Greer hire women, Cinthy & Ester
Hire girls, Sally and Bets


Jackson Huckaby and his wife, Elizabeth, asked for a division of real and personal estate of Grabel Lincecum, deceased......Dec. 29, 1847

John, (50 yr), George, Dennis, Levi, Bob, Pate., Adam, Gadsby, Richard, Judy and child, Mary and child, Maria, Matilda, Martha, Hanna, Eliza, Jane.  

Jan 1848....Since death of decedent, Boy, Dennis sold by widow, boy Bob and Mariah, by Haywood. List of those who died: George, Gosby, Judy, and Pate


1847, Samuel S. Kelly, guardian of Cynthia Furguson reports:

Henry and Chantley, left to Cynthia Furguson by will of Chas. Furguson.  
Boy, Murry, rec'd on division of property.


1847...H.O. Beasley guardian rept of H.A. Hudson: (made in 1848)

Hire to James and Henry Bledsoe...Ann and Sam
Hire 1848 to A. Bell, Ann
Hire 1848 to Jno. H. Eckles, Sam


1848.....J.P. Haynes and Wilomoth Haynes, guardian of Ducy Ann Lincecum:

Boy, Loomis, other....Hannah


1849, List of "for hire", Mary McMullen, widow of Daniel McMullan, from "the Anderson place"

Benjm. Henry.........Rhoda and Hardy
Josiah Ferguson.....Lucy Ann
Alsey Bell.........(illegible)
Marty McCullan....Emily and child, Hariet and Heard


1847...Inventory of Appraisement of the Personal Estate of Edward H. Anderson, Deceased:

man Caplain about 30
woman, Ester and Child, Sarrah, 40 
woman, Harriett, 19
boy, Bill, 17
girl, Eliza, 13
boy, Dick, 11
boy, Ransom, 6
girl, Adeline, 4
man, Charles, 20
boy, Joe, 17
man, Ben, 55
woman, Mariah, 35
man, Peter, 23
woman, Cialy, 35
woman, Emma and cild, Abaram (sic)
woman, Livey, 50
woman, Allis and child, Jackson, 15
girl, Susan, 11
girl, Hagar, 8
boy, January, 11
Woman Affey and two children, Ned and Milla, 20
man Isaac, 35
woman, Mary and child, Martha, 23
boy, Harrison, 9
boy, Willis, 7
boy, Allen, 4
woman, Hannah and two children, Jannet and Nor__, 18
man, George, 33
man, Bill Camlin, 20
woman, Masiah Camlin and child, Henry, 35
girl, Sophia, 10
girl, Charlott, 7
woman, Nancy, 55
boy, ?Iemis?, about 11
boy, Sandy, 8
boy, Ellic, 17
man, Jack, 20
man, Bob, 30
man, John "Whiler", (?)..35
man, Job, 30


Guardians Sale....1847

By virtue of an order of the Probate Court of Noxubee County, Mississippi, 
I will sell to the highest bidder at the residence of William McLeodd in 
said County on Saturday, the 3th day of April next, a negroe girl named Caroline about nine years of age, the property of my ward, Jno. B. Badger, 

Then.....Sale of a portion of the property of Jonathan B. Badger, Jun. Under 
an order of negro girl, Caroline, to William McLeod.  May 1847


Inventory of appraisement, estate of Daniel McMullan, deceased...1848...

Negro man, Hardy, 65
Sarah, negro girl, 16
Lucy Ann, 14
Rhoda, 13
Frances, 13
?Nero?, negro boy, 16
Hardy, negro boy, 11
Kitty, negro woman, 38 and child
Emily negro woman, 18 and child
Thomas, negro boy, 10
Harriet, negro woman, value at "nothing"


At the Dec. 1848 Term of the court.....A report on the distribution of Slaves from the estate of Charles Furgerson.....

Philip to Martha Furguson (sic)
Wiley to Mary Haynes 
Philis to ____ Gary & wife
Hannah, Patrick and George, to _____Gary & wife
George, Simon, and Peter to J.S. Morris & wife
Mariah, Caroline, and Eliza to Martha C. Haynes & Charlotte Chandler
Milly, Simion, and Harriet (woman) to B. Penry and wife
Peggy, Josephus, and Harriet (girl) to S.S. Kelly & wife
Memory (boy) alloted to Cynthia Furguson, S.S. Kelly, guardian


For year 1849, a report on the hire of negroes for the estate of Daniel McMullan:

William Hibler......Kitty, Sarah, Nero
Benj. Henry....Rhoda and Hardy
Joshiah Ferguson...Lucy Ann
Alsey Bell.......Jef   (Jess ?)
Mary McMullan..Emily and children, Harriet andHeard

(Personal knowledge.....this is in the area of Shuqualak)

1850.....Division of Slaves from the estate of John Hudson (son of Frederick and Lucy Greer Hudson)

To John Henry Greer Hudson.....Squire, Vina, Tob, Lona (Sona?), Randal

Ozias C. W. Hudson.....Antony, Mira and child, Mat, Vincent

William B. Hudson....Joe, Dorrhy and child, Jim, Richmond, Herrod

Oscar F. Hudson.....Isaac, Perry, Bertha, Daniel, Nelson

Wife, Elizabeth Hudson......Scott, Mathew, Tabitha, and allotted support for Dabney

********** on the division of Slaves of the estate of Abner Cotton....nine equal shares

Margaret Cotton.......George, a man, and Mary, a girl

Bryant & Abner Aycock........Peter, Harrison, and Eli___

Nicholas Cotton.....Levi, a boy, and Celia, a child

Wm C. Ferguson & Minerva, his wife......Henry and _______


Sorry to say, this is all that I have compiled in this manner at this time.  I will do more checking and include all that I locate.  I hope this helps someone out.  Should anyone want a copy of this, please pass it on.  

I have several more "books" from which I can pull information.  As I have stated, I was searching for my family of Hudson and the related families in Noxubee County, Mississippi when I became acutely aware of the importance of the material accumulated.  

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E. Annette Rose's Genealogy
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