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The 2004 Saddle

Many thanks to all who made this happen. Especially my husband, Danny Rose.

This was a number four roping, ACTRA held at the Fly'n O arena, Tulare, Ca. on October 30, 2004.

I thought I had won the saddle, I knew my partner and I had won the pot, we were the high team coming back and we ultimately had two roped in 18 seconds.

Then I thought that I had 'missed' it, as I missed the next steer with another partner, and we were the second team back.......then.....oh my, it was announced there was a three way tie in points for the saddle.

As I had the fastest time with another partner, that was the tie breaker, I was awarded the saddle. Talk about excited? Crumb, I was so happy I was crying. Thanks, guys, you made my day when you came to congratulate me.

The saddle my horse won for me.


Skippa Star Splash

My milkwhite palomino, what a horse.

The breast collar in this photo was won on Skip this summer at one of the ATRA ropings.

Thanks for letting me brag.

October 31, 2004

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