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California Rodeo Mail List Instructions


Welcome, glad to see that you would like to join in on the fun along with the rest of us on this mail list.

We have a new address for the mail list. Please use the subscribe address to keep up with your friends. The "old" mail list address will not work, you must "re-sub" to new one.

July 2002


To SUBSCRIBE to the mail list: First, don't let that word subscribe "put you off", it is FREE. Subscribe is only a directive word, it will not cost you any money. DO NOT type any message except the word subscribe in the body of the message.

Use the computer address that you want the mail list to go to. Send from that address as you will be sending to a computer which will automatically use the address from which it receives the directive to send you messages from our friends.

To write to your friends, you will send your messages to and then everyone who is currently subscribed will receive a copy of what you wrote. You will also receive a copy of what you wrote thru default of the program. However, you must first subscribe to send to the list.


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