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E. Annette Rose Photo and Sales

Rodeo Pages


Welcome to YOUR rodeo pages. Although my name appears here, content depends upon what you want and you provide. If you send your results, I will post them. We will have photos of various events that I cover as photographer. These photos are meant for your viewing pleasure, they are not intended for reprint, as they are copyrighted material.
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I used to make it easier to find.

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Starting off......there is a California Rodeo mail list that has been established with the goal of keeping all of you in touch as you move about the globe in search of "the good life". Not limited to CHSRA District 6 or Jr. Christian Cowboy Association, it was built with those who participate at these events in mind.

If YOU have any interest or connection to rodeo, horse, or arena events, please feel free to join in on the conversation. If you want to access District 7, or share information from District 7, please feel free. That goes for District 4, 5........hey, all of CHSRA is welcome to share here.

There will some very basic rules on the mail list: Keep it clean, keep it fun, and ENJOY. If you know of anyone who might enjoy this mail list, please let them know about it.

Should you have something that needs to be added to our Schedule of Events, please let me know.

There is even a Chat Room set up, it was our hope that you might meet up with your friends there. To access the chat page you do need to be "java enabled". Most newer computers are java enabled, however some of you may have to download that element from a site that offers it. [Try it to find out if you are "java enabled."]

To subscribe to the mail list, send an email to

In the process of obtaining another server, we now also have a "group page" on Yahoo, also.

You do not have to join the web page to belong to the mail list.

Click to subscribe to CA_Rodeo

Of course, there are photos. These appear on a separate page so this one loads faster. The Photo link page. ...maybe you will the featured photo next month? If you participate at any event that I shoot, you could be!


The following pages appear here:

District 6 CHSRA


Team Roping


The old "For Sale" listings.....or, maybe, "I am looking for" listings.......if you have a horse or tack that you'd like to sell, let us know, someone is looking for what you have, and maybe you might make a connection. Every "beginner" needs an old seasoned horse, do YOU have one?

If you want, you can leave a message on our Guest Book.

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We would all love to hear from and learn where you went after you "left" us. Sit back and relax, join your friends here. This is YOUR web site.

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